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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Update: early Sept.

I have got my car back.  As of a week ago.  :)  My PT seems fine.

And the pretty replaced parts are indeed very nice.  8)  The driver's side is all shiny.

Last Friday we drove out to see my folks, and also to my storage unit.  Which is lacking some things now, while my poor PT is probably wondering why it had musty crates filling it up--

I could've sworn my PT had all its hubcaps when I left the shop t'other day, but maybe I was wrong.  I'll ask my team... Progressive gives you a team, so I have several people working on my claim, which is still open due to the medical issues.

(lack of whee sound effect here)

I keep having muscle cramps.  And little spasms.  In my hands, hips, back, shoulders, legs...  I didn't have this after the June accident.

It's like my body is trying to run checks on the nerves, and they keep freaking out.  Or possibly just freaking out.

Dunno.  I do have MAT*, which isn't covered by my health insurance right now, but helps my body the best... and chiro, which is covered for a few more sessions.  Then Progressive takes over.

Although my health insurance says it's the other way 'round, actually.

I've never had car insurance handle medical for me before, so I'm a little leery on this front.  I'm not averse to having more chiro, mind you, I just want it to be taken care of.

And after having a week of on/off spasms in hands and so on, and a full-on muscle spasm on Monday 31-August, the like of which I've been having since May 2008... you can see why I'm leery.

I've also had two such muscle spasms, one before the August car accident, and one afterward.


* MAT specialists gave me back the ability to carry things, and to push objects like shopping carts.  Which may not seem so big a deal until suddenly your choice is a loaf of bread OR a can of soup.  Not both.

I used to have muscle spasms every bleeping month from 2008 onward.  Now I still get them, just more rarely, for which I am thankful.

Best thing after a muscle spasm is to see a chiropractor to get my vertebrae reset... the spasms can't be stopped by anything.

So I have another chiro appointment scheduled for tomorrow.  Looks like I will be seeing the chiropractor weekly for a while.  I'll see about doing MAT more often too.

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