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Monday, August 3, 2015

Editing, CE job, Adam and my authors...

Can you teach editing?

Amy Einsohn thinks you can -- check out her PDF, Are Editors Born or Made?

I'd agree.  The people I meet who think they can edit and who prove amenable to being trained... are the ones who I think can learn not only how to edit, but how to become freelance editors.  Not everyone can do both.

Here's the shorter report Amy did for Science Editor in 2004, which includes the initial pages of her longer essay.

The Subversive Copy Editor (Carol Saller) interviewed Amy Einsohn in November 2011.

From Carol's blog I found Zombies and bogeymen, aka the zombie rules in grammar.

Adam Christopher blogged in 2011 about going to FantasyCon 2011 and his first copyedit.

Til now, I hadn't known he'd blogged about it!

Adam is one of my Angry Robot authors.  That was his debut novel.  And yes, in case you're wondering... I created the Notes file that had a table of contents.

I met him at Chicon 7 and Adam was very complimentary about my work.  Which was really cool -- often my editors are appreciative, but Angry Robot Books was where I began to have a lot of authors who were too.

Wicked awesome.  Have I mentioned lately what great authors, editors, and publishers I tend to have?

Well, I do.

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