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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Sharing the holidays...

This fantastic image is from Day Two.
Go on, read it -- you know you want to!

Over December, I've been reading the Angry Robot Advent Day Calendar as I get time -- mostly in chunks, several days at a time. [What! Haven't you?] Some guest bloggers have taken a few of the slots. Adam Christopher notices what getting e-books has done to his collector gene...

Guy Adams has A Problem of Percentages.

And don't forget the robot folktale! From the Angry Robot Roundup (of course).

Colin Harvey talks about his schedule, and about taking regular breaks -- I strongly second him on breaks. Especially when I'm proofreading, I need to rest my eyes and get away from the computer more than when I'm reading hard copy.

Soo... Happy Holidays!!

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