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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

More on c/e.

I wanted to post this today because I'm a copy editor... and I like to help authors understand what I (we) do, as well as what other authors do.

I typically recommend that authors read up on what Deanna Hoak says about c/e. Now I'd go read Marty Halpern's blog for the same reason. Starting with this post Writing with Style (Sheets, That Is) over at More Red Ink.

Also, well, I enjoy reading what they have to say about our mutual job. They help me learn too. Thanks so much!

Note: I actually found Marty's post because of the Inspector Chen series, now with Morrigan Books. I'm reminded of Tom Lehrer saying, "It has been a nervous year"; with the ups and downs of 2010, yes, I could agree with that.


martyhalpern said...

Thanks for the pointer to my blog, More Red Ink; it's much appreciated.
- marty

Starbuck O'Shea said...

My pleasure, Marty.

And thanks for all your excellent work on the Laundry books.

I first read the Golden Gryphon original of TAA, and then got the book club edition [which a now-addicted friend borrowed]. I like the Gryphon editions best. I haven't read The Fuller Memorandum yet.

But I will. :>