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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Weather/life update.

What an exciting winter travail it's been so far, and that's not even counting last month!

Michigan hit a record for January snowfall:  over 31.5 inches as of yesterday.  Our normal snowfall?  Oh, a mere 12+ inches.

The fear is that we'll break the winter cold record too.  Right now we're in the top five coldest January records, matching the year 1875.

Finally got to the after-hours clinic -- not from lack of trying.  Got cortisone for my injured thumb ['trigger finger' the doctor said] and penicillin as the weather decided to 'bless' me with more sinus horrors.

On 16-December, I was shoveling snow.  That's when I first hurt my right thumb.  And I'm right-handed, so as you can expect, that's been making life difficult.  It just wasn't getting better.

I am very grateful for the clinic's help, let me tell you.

I would like this snow to go West.  They're having record drought.  Some precipitation out thataway would be much better planning, Mother Nature.  :d

I say this not just for myself... but because it's getting really old climbing up our driveway in the snow.  Being unable to get up same due to ice and snow.  Being unable to leave the house because we don't know if we can get back.

Using up record amounts of rock salt so we can walk near the house, let alone the hilly part of the drive!  Driving all over, trying to find rock salt or ice melt because everyone's sold out.  That means on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve too.  o.o

Back when I was a kid, I semi-dreamed of this sort of thing -- no school, blizzards, a sort of frontier survival thing.  Apparently I was reading too much Little Women and Laura Ingalls.  As if life would be vastly different away from the suburbs.  Yes and no.

Because of course I had to goto school [and later work] unless ice storms knocked out the power and/or other such crises happened.

But remember, kids:  global warming is science fiction!  Disbelieve your senses... nah.  Don't do that.  You'll die.

And in this freakish-epic weather, that's no joke.  Stay safe.

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