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Thursday, December 24, 2009

My unexpected sf roundup.

Another link I read lately, when discussing a favorite author -- Patricia McKillip: Vengeance in McKillip.

Let's add some more in: Graham's Locus roundtable. Check out Scalzi reaming Black Matrix -- who, I might add, is about par with Hugo Gernsback, who was infamous for not paying authors. When I say "not paying" I mean he wouldn't ante up the $5.00 owed, and got sued. Read The Futurians for more details.

His pay rates were still Not Good. Scalzi does some more notes here.

Ann Leckie does a summation as to why this matters to you, the writer. Note that this links to Patrick's comment, and he mentions John Klima -- who runs EV, where I work -- and Kelly and Gavin, who run Small Beer Press, which publishes Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet.

Andrew Wheeler on e-books -- or, how much do these REALLY cost to make?

Patrick wishes us all a happy 80th: yes,
fandom's been around that long. omg.

Will Shetterly is pulling a Cory Doctorow with his latest book. Here's why. :/ I want this book as a book... am adding it to my to-get list.

In case you're wondering, yes, I do indeed chase down fandom history. I like it. [Same for SCA history.] I have Pohl's The Way The Future Was in my reading queue now.

And Merry Christmas Eve!


lartronics said...

Gersback gets a bum rap. I started working for him in the 50's and even then when he received a letter about an unpaid ms, he would verify the claim and send a check.

For more information on Hugo Gernsback check out a new biography available on Amazon.

The document was found by me when we closed down Gernsback Publications in 2003. It was an old ms that I edited and produced as a book.

Follow the link and you can go to the book and thanks to Amazon’s “look inside” feature, you can even get an idea of what it covers.

Hope you find it interesting.

For more information feel free to contact me, Larry Steckler, at

Starbuck O'Shea said...

You posted this same comment to Whatever. Which is an advertisement. Are you going all over the Web doing this??

Please don't treat me like I was incapable of reading and comprehending something I quoted; it's not appreciated. Nor is it the way to garner sales.

Besides, I rather trust Pohl, Knight, et al -- over someone running Gernsback Publications. I'm funny that way. Call it bias if you like, I don't mind.