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Friday, December 18, 2009

End of year news & a debate.

Shimmer and EV both got stories into Rich Horton's 2010 Year's Best. Beth just alerted me. :D

William talks about Harlequin... and why the various writers associations are upset. This brings up the difference between publishing and pay-for-print companies.

Note that using POD does not make some company a vanity press, and that print-on-demand is a technology, not publishing. uses POD. More small presses are also using POD rather than filling their warehouses with books, aka the way the larger publishers can.

Very well done, and an explanation that I highly recommend to you. Especially since the hook -- how do you request a book of which you've never heard? -- is rather important! I wouldn't have thought to explain it that way; I'm so glad that William did.

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