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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Spring 2009

No, I don't post much. I spend more time in email.

(Considering today's date, I must say this is no foolin'.)

Sometimes I'll post about upcoming cons here, or updates for my 'zine obligations.

For example, Shimmer is celebrating our tenth issue with a completely free electronic edition.

Electric Velocipede 17/18 will be out soon... and EV was nominated for the Hugo as Best Fanzine.

2009 con news:

Penguicon is next month, over the first weekend of May. SPWW is not running the workshop -- we get a vacation -- and the excellent Jim Hines and Catherynne Valente are running one instead.

ConClave 34 will have "Doc" Travis Taylor and Brother Guy this October. They are both REALLY cool. I did a shameless plug for this over at EV. Unlike last year, I hope to hear a whole panel of Travis' -- and it'd be neat to hear Brother Guy also!

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