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Monday, May 23, 2016

Briefly: More kittens!

Our kittens just had kittens.  Or so we think.

(I shall have to call the black kittens kitlings then, to differentiate them from the baby kittens.)

Yesterday our housemate had watered the front yard, and therefore moved the lean-to.  I.e., boxes I'd set up over the winter to help protect the kittens/kitlings if they chose to stay by the house for its warmth.  Last night I noticed that he hadn't put it back, so I went to do that.

I found little black and white kittens, who looked like they were a week old, perhaps less.  They didn't try to run away -- just squirmed, as if trying to nurse.

I set the lean-to back up as best I could, and let them be.

Having several humans make noises around the kittens was not reassuring to the kittens' mother, I'm sure.  Even though I still don't know who the mother is.

I'm of mixed views.  I think thought Shadowcat is their mother, mostly because Shadowcat stays around our backyard almost all the time.  This morning Shadow tried to get back into the lean-to.  Couldn't from the usual end, so had to go around the other way.

(Which would explain why Shadow's gotten very skinny lately, if nursing.)

Except that Shadow doesn't stay in the lean-to; mostly I see Shadow sleeping in the shade under the grill.  So maybe not.

Chaosium (KayKay) doesn't tend to stick around all day, and eats like a starveling.  That's why I thought perhaps KayKay was pregnant.  KayKay was growling at Shadowcat too.

Shadowcat decided recently -- last week -- that KayKay wasn't welcome here, so I had two young cat siblings not on speaking terms.  Sadly, they are old enough to be mothers themselves.  Just like their own mother, who looked to be under a year old herself and therefore still in late kittenhood.

This afternoon Chaosium wasn't snarling at Shadow, so that was a plus.  Nor was Shadow trying to drive off Chaosium.

Tonight we looked to see if the baby kittens were still there.  Still don't know who their mother is, but the new kittens are gone.

I hope they're in a safer nest, poor little critters.  Do keep them in your thoughts, please.  Thank you!

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