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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Geek toys: tablets.

Or, as this blogger says, Cool New Device Ownership Hunger. Well, c'mon, you know that's what it is. :D

Mostly, I can resist cellphones. I used to have Motorola's lovely email pager, the Talkabout. It had a real keyboard. I still miss that.

But tablets that can have a real keyb... Funny, I loathe laptops [and the feeling's mutual], yet the idea of a tablet that's got a real keyb just hits my geek-toy devicery exactly right.

I was in love with the Asus eee Transformer, and still am somewhat. Then I saw two slates: There's T-Mobile's Springboard; what's far better is the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. It has Quickoffice HD.

Oh, yeah.

;) And you thought I just wanted a shiny toy to play with; well, naturally, but what's the point in a toy that you can't work on? Or in my case, meaning: type on actual real buttons.

Maybe that's the thing, that to me a Real Computer has to have buttons for I/O for my fingers.

You notice I didn't mention a mouse, right? I remember before we had computer mice. (I think the Commodore PET was the first mouse-using PC I ever used.) I don't spurn mice, certainly, but I also do not like the sliding panels on laptops either. Mice of the computer, they ought to have tails [i.e., wires]. Otherwise the farmer's wife has been at 'em.

So this is me trying to resist the urge to go shopping and get me a Galaxy Tab...

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