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Sunday, September 28, 2014

September 2014 update.

Almost every year I write a post about September being my anniversary month... and this marks the seventh year of my freelancing as a copy editor.  How's that?

Working from home limits your in-person social interactions -- no workplace with people you see every day -- and that lack has affected me whenever I was depressive.  Like now.

I need to make various changes so my career and my business both continue successfully.  And I want to be healthy.  I don't want depression or anything else to bog me down.

You can tell a bit about my life and my health by my blogging.  That goes up and down -- sometimes because I'm busy, sure.  In September 2013 I wasn't depressive.  I was motivated and that's part of why so many posts happened.

Normally I'm extremely motivated (Kevin Maroney once said I was "made of energy") so this has been a major problem during 2014.

You need motivation to do simple everyday things, but also for complex tasks like running a business.

Most of 2014, I've been depressive.  I finally saw a new doctor, who gave me an antidepressant that began working quickly.  A week ago Friday, in fact.

My previous doctor didn't adapt to me; I'm "high functioning" which he couldn't really grasp.

This all matters because this is my work blog and also my personal blog.  My health and my work are inextricably linked.

I'm feeling more like myself, although I still have some lingering symptoms.  Wonderful results! and that's not sarcastic, trust me.  I hated how I felt when I was manic, and I've been depressive much more in my life, and for far longer.  In recent years that's been a problem, unlike the past.

A doctor told me that I'm prone to becoming depressive, being bipolar, so I have to remember that.  My meds until now only kept me from mania, you see.

Things can only get better, and they will.  Happy anniversary indeed.

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