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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Short break for Cabin Pressure.

Quotes in Tweets provided by the ever brilliant Cabin Pressure transcriber, Ariane Devere, over at the Cabin Pressure Fans site.

"This week, Abu Dhabi."

All in one place below, thanks to another fan.

This is one of my most favorite episodes in the entirety of CP.  But I'm deeply addicted to the whole show.  Because John Finnemore and Cabin Pressure are brilliant!

Two things:  It's a radio show, so get out your earbuds if those are your poison, and you can buy it cheap from the BBC.  Monty Python fans in particular will love the pacing -- and the jokes, although most of these are easier on mixed company.

I am getting season 4 Real Soon as the final ep will air over Christmas 2014.

Consider it my birthday gift to you, just like a hobbit.  Cheers!  Enjoy a new addiction (and you're welcome, bwahahahah).

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