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Saturday, September 27, 2014


NASFiC 2014, or DetCon1, was lovely.  (NASFiC only happens whenever North America loses the bid for Worldcon, btw.)  DetCon was the eleventh NASFiC.

I keep writing it as "Detcon" and having to correct it.  Apparently my mind palace has it That Way.

The Ren Cen was a worse maze than I remembered, and it's one of only three con hotels that have been possessed of a glyph of confusion.  At least for me.  Except that I think the Ren Cen actually has multiple glyphs...

I'm sorry that I didn't see many costumes, but then that happened at Chicon 7 as well.

Bernadette Bosky, one of the Fan GOHs, enjoyed the con too.

Jim Hines:  Flickr of DetCon1 pics.

More about DetCon1 from these fine folks:

Patty Templeton's con report

Clif Flynt's overview -- he also did posts for each panel he attended, such as "What Am I Looking For?" which was done by editors and an agent.

Marta Savage's con wrap-up.

Jim Hines:  DetCon1 and Inclusiveness and to that, a blogger at HuffPo wrote this about progressives, so I'm including his post Dear Progressives.

Many thanks to DetCon1's FB page, from which I got quite a few of these links.

Convention tips for con attendees by Gareth L. Powell.

The Cheapskate’s Guide to SF/F cons: A Guest Post.

ETA:  More about DetCon1 and diversity.

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