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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Thinking about the changes.

Why the Web Won't Be Nirvana from Newsweek in 1995.  Which I found via The Brief History of Social Media.

Aside from a few bits repeated in the latter, it's very interesting.

Particularly at how the counts are rising.  Facebook's ten years old as of this year.  So it may be on its way out, you know.

If you don't believe me, consider its predecessors.  Remember MySpace?

John Scalzi pointed out that websites don't last forever.  That's why LiveJournal isn't the only blogging site people use.  It's also why he has his own place on the Internet, and recommends authors get their own.  Fads change.

Alas, I couldn't find that post.

He also wrote a more recent post, which I did find, called Suddenly Nostalgia where he says "There’s no way of getting back there. There’s no there there anymore."  He's talking about Usenet.

I had people I cared about that I met through Usenet -- through, actually, which was the social part of alt.romance, if I recall correctly.  But my Usenet friends led me to Mucks and Mushes.

Before then I was on the BBSes...

I still miss having the 'Net be all text.  I'm a bookworm, I'm partial to words.

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