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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

"For a Breath I Tarry"

"You do not perceive any beauty?"

"Perhaps none remains after so long a time," said Frost.

"It is not supposed to be the sort of thing which gets used up," said Mordel.

[Frost adds,] "Perhaps there is only a little beauty and I am overlooking it somehow."

This is one of my (many) favorite short stories by Roger Zelazny.  There's a link to the entire text here.

I promised I would blog other things, and indeed I am very behind on posts.  But I'd gotten The Last Defender of Camelot from the library, and wanted to share this.

... And if you notice that one word above doesn't quite match the link's text, it's because I checked it against the book and corrected it.  Source material wins.