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Thursday, October 27, 2016

WFC, DAW, credit...

Last week DAW Books added me to their freelance pool.

(Yes, you're quite right, there are millions of exclamation points ellided there.)

I have an editor credit on Amazon.  David Tallerman cowrote a YA novel with Michael Wills, which I copyedited -- and Mike kindly listed me in the credits.  No one's done that before to my knowledge.

Frankly, I'm gobsmacked!

DAW, Dave, and Mike are some of my most favorite gentlebeings in the universe right now.  8)

This weekend's World Fantasy 2016, held in Columbus, Ohio.

I'm the publisher liaison.  I also created a Twitter account for the con back in March, since many WFC attendees are active on Twitter.

I've been talking to a great many awesome publishers lately.

David Levine had a suggestion about hashtags...

As anyone who's been on Twitter with me knows, I am sporadic about replies.


Taking a tablet along this weekend for the WFC Twitter.  I'm sorry that I'm the only person Tweeting for the con -- and I am con staff -- but adding the Twitter account was entirely my idea.

Ops is the place you want to go for most issues.  

I know most attendees know that; I'd just like to say it again.  Thanks, folks.

Have a great weekend, and I look forward to seeing everyone this weekend -- huzzah for our Tribe.  Happy almost-November!

Anne Zanoni*---

Postscript:   We're arriving at con Friday.  So anyone already at the con knows more than I do.  8)

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