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Friday, October 21, 2016

Random: Oct. 2016

[Written nearly three weeks ago... on 4-October.]

This weekend's ConClave 40:  Clave's in a new hotel this year, which is amusingly enough a hotel that Penguicon once used -- back in 2006?

We plan on WFC 2016 as well, so Clave will be our penultimate 2016 con together (Allen attends Youmacon, but I don't).

Normally I post during September, which is my birth month and my work anniversary month.  I didn't this year.

I have a couple of publishing tests in right now.  (One arrived on my birthday; pretty cool!)  Seems like whenever I have tests, then other things want very badly to distract me and/or take up my time.  :b

On 4-October, Yesterday we found out that Allen's Olds was on its last legs.  He promptly found a different Oldsmobile, and brought that car home, so we have a reliable car again.

(5-October) Today I was petting Sweetpea while I sat at the doorwall.  She walked in, sat down comfortably while touching me, still purring.  ::  I like you, I will sit right next to you!  ::  (The petting never stopped, mind you.)  I suspect she decided that this is to teach me to not snuggle her up against me -- sort of an attack hug for cats.

But it was still adorable.

I didn't pick her up and attack-snuggle her either.  8)

Sweetpea will also sometimes come when she's called by name.  Vee bounces up whenever she thinks Allen might be about to give them treats -- their human training is working out well, don't you think?

I just need to find a way to teach Sweetie to not overeat.  She equates petting with food, and vice versa.  Recently I found Sweetie and KayKay conspiring together to move a plastic lid off some food outside.  "Teamwork!" my mom noted to me.

Well, yeah, except that Sweetie doesn't need to constantly eat.  Although it is pretty neat that she proved that she could help another cat who, like her, is very interested in food... and in puzzle-solving, apparently.

Shadowcat comes and eats with her daughters.  She hasn't figured out how to move the plastic lid when I hide food under it.  Unfortunately.  They all get along, even when treats happen.

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