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Monday, April 20, 2015

Penguicon HO!

This weekend's Penguicon. *

Thirteen years and still going strong.

It will be fun.  There will be Doctors and Daleks, anime and gaming, lots of Linux and computers -- and the Chaos Machine, liquid nitrogen ice cream, authors and parties and fans, oh my, and Stuff.  All manner of Con Stuff!

Pic from this blog: Four Doctors and their Dalek

Oh, and a discussion about BBC Sherlock, which I instigated.  Bwahahah.

Thus "BoF:  Sherlocked!" is all my fault.  Heh.

Apparently someone else stopped trying to number the P-cons as 2.0, etc., and did what I do:  it's listed as Penguicon 2015.  8D

I have attended P-con every year.  I'd registered for Readercon 26 (yay!) when I found some more goodies from Absolute Write (AW) -- to wit, Important Info for Con Newbies.

This applies to us all, really, since there are days -- moments -- even years when you know this and the rest, yet cannot recall't.  Hydrate.  Sleep.  Eat.  Wash up.

These are all very important, and no, I joke not.

Making Light has a long thread, Worldcongoing, which began with HapiSofi's AW post, where she advised a con newbie about attending her first Worldcon.

*  This weekend is also the UK Sherlocked Con, a media convention, as well as the free online Sherlock fandom con, UnlockedCon.

Have a little cross-posting.  It won't hurt... much.

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