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Friday, March 20, 2015

Absolute Write: huzzah! (Also agents.)

Dear Absolute Write's forums, source of much usefulness, knowledge, wisdom... and they answer my tricky copy editing questions rather more than you might guess.

Anyone looking for answers is well advised to look here.  I've been using the Bewares Index (link below) for years to research publishers.  You should too.

As a copy editor, I know that if a publisher won't pay its writers, then I won't get paid either.  Against that, any publisher who treats writers well gives me a far better chance as a freelancer, of getting paid and being treated well myself.  I also learn from the AW forums which publisher communicates readily versus one who never replies.

Pacing, from Learn Writing with Uncle Jim -- and the poster's question about pacing.

What do editors do? and Different Levels of Editing?

From the Bewares Index to Agents, Publishers, and Others -- these four categories are all broken down into smaller posts, which is easier when you ctrl-F.  Or you can use AW's own search function.

The fourth category is Other Services and Resources, which includes all these topics:

  • Watchdog Sites and Organizations
  • General Agent and Publisher Listings -- this is not the same as the Agents Index!
  • Editing, Appraisal and Critique Services
  • Display Sites
  • Submission Services
  • Publicity / Marketing / Reviews
  • Content Sites / Freelance Job Listings
  • Writers' Associations, Communities, Forums and Workshops
  • Contests and Awards
  • Miscellaneous

And Everything Else, which ranges from scams to navigating publishing.

Side note of great interest, Scalzi had this link from Writer Beware about How to Find a (REAL!) Literary Agent.

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