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Thursday, March 12, 2015

We lost Terry Pratchett today.

The last Tweet may make you laugh -- that's why it's at the end -- because you may have been weeping ever since you found out.  Like me.

Jim Hines made a storify of Terry's final Tweets here.  If you read any of Terry's books, these three will make you weep.

2012 news about Discworld being handed off to his daughter.

ETA:  BBC tribute article.
ETA 2:  The MarySue's update includes Tweets from Neil Gaiman and [Terry's daughter] Rhianna Pratchett and other links; and this Tweet. has an obit -- if you want to help out, please read it, and check out the designated charity set up in Terry's memory.

Neil Gaiman understandably couldn't write about losing Terry today.  This is what Neil wrote for the Guardian about what fueled Terry last year.

Here, have another tissue... 8(

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