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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Teen scientist/author Jack Andraka.

Today I was watching MSNBC, and I found out about this teen scientist who has invented a way to test for pancreatic cancer.  Which tends to kill people before it's discovered in 85 percent of cases.  He invented this while he was in high school, mind you -- see how your dreams can define you!

His test's not saving people yet.  But I hope it will be.

His name is Jack Andraka.  I want to read his book.

Stephen Colbert interviewed Jack (who was still in high school then).

WGBH featured Jack on their InnovatorHub.

Note that a blog (self-described as a scholarly publishing site) does not agree with much of what the media is saying about Jack and his claims.

Neither did Forbes.  But the 2014 piece Matthew Herper did there about Jack is very interesting.  I recommend it.

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