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Friday, May 15, 2015

The Hugos and Worldcon 2015: ongoing.

It is ongoing.  The Saga Continues, forsooth!

Mary's blog that week, Talk with me about being a fan of science fiction and fantasy -- is about the Hugo awards, Worldcon voting, sf fandom, assumptions and backstory...

I was offline much of that week, so I missed this membership gifting.

I have read about the 2015 Worldcon/Hugo kerfluffle, as many have been calling it.  John O'Neill over at Black Gate called it The 2015 Hugo Train Wreck.

Thanks to my best friend Bea for sharing about the Black Gate post.

A month ago (when I began this post, it was a week ago, eek) Will Shetterly wrote Confessions of a Scarred and Broken Man, or If I Blog Again about Fandom’s Social Justice Warriors, Kill Me on his blog.

I'm writing Will an email now, about some aspects of his post.  [Been a busy week, so the post is still a draft, argh.]  Will made me realize that there are indeed some SJWs who make me uncomfortable...  I've known that for a long time, even when I didn't know that particular category-name was theirs.

OT:  Why I've Been Quiet by Justine Larbalestier.  About health, illness, aging, and fitness... And how we don't consider illness as being disabled, when we should.  Brilliant as always.

Sasquan is the 2015 Worldcon, btw.  The revised 2015 Hugo ballot is here.

Added:  Eric Flint has written a great post here, titled And Again on the Hugo Awards.

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