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Thursday, June 11, 2015

The rest of my life--

"Let me sum up.

"No, that will take too long."

A short recap of my life lately:

I went to Penguicon and came back with a new boyfriend.

Then I turned in a deadline the following weekend for a new client.

Those are part of why I lagged in Twitter, email, and blogging.  (But wait! there's MORE.)

My boyfriend and I began seeing each other constantly.  I spent a long weekend with him at his house... then more time.  A few days later, we decided we were officially unofficially seeing how living together would be.

So then I've moved to another county.  Still in my beloved Michigan, just learning the ropes of a new place.

We went to Media*West and had a grand time there over Memorial Day weekend.

Then Be a Tourist in Your Own Town, which was kickass:  Zap Zone!  Schuler's, Curious Books, Elderly Instruments [musical instrument petting zoo!!], Impression 5.   Lovely.

I haven't been sleeping well nor much lately -- short version, a new medication tried to kickstart a mania in me.  [Got doctor to cancel me taking the med, but alas, like Miles Vorkosigan, I often react strongly and atypically to medication.]  So far hypomania is becoming my current aspect, which is troubling.

Now I'm doing all the things one does for a new move.  Like seeing a new general practitioner.  :/

Sunday... left my phone, not at Smurf Shoot, but with Their Excellencies in their new van.  My Blackberry was dying, and I'd just ordered a replacement, so it must be fetched for its SIM.

AND!  I have more new clients.

Also a new computer.  Mine died whimpering on Monday night.

My love built me a new machine.  Still working out the kinks in that, adjusting to a new system.  Windozer 10, really, what crack were you people ON ffs???

I'm going to Convergence and Readercon too.  I'd just planned on Readercon before my new sweetheart... and now things have changed rather a lot in my life, so...

Except that on Tuesday of last week a deer slew my old Corolla.  So the latter will take some finagling.

Life.  Interesting times.  Be careful what you wish for!

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