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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Con season returns!

This month's ConFusion... back in Novi.

Where the cons haven't been for some time -- at the Sheraton, where both Fusion and Penguicon have been before.  I think 2005 was the last time P-con used the Sheraton.

Trying to recall when Fusion was there... 2003?  I know Fusion moved to Troy in '04 or maybe '05.

Yeah, some of us trace the years by where the cons were held.  What cities, what hotels.  8)

Life, the Universe, and ConFusion.  Hee.  Part of me wonders why so many cons switched from the Back to the Future theme of 2015 (hey, Marty!) to the answer is 42.

But I may just let it go.

I know where my towel is -- and that's the important thing.  Right?


Some while ago, I created my 2016 con schedule.  Still trying to decide on Worldcon 2016.  What with Convergence and Readercon, that's already a lot of travel.

I find myself less keen on sitting in the car for long periods.  Shorter trips, like to Wisconsin or Ohio?  That's no big deal.

Very much inclined toward World Fantasy 2016 instead... back in Columbus.  Again.  My first WFC was 2010 at the same hotel.  8)

I've done one Worldcon, one WFC, and one Readercon, although the latter looks to become an annual trip.  Readercon is very cozy.  Just like WFC, actually.

Also, I did see the new Star Wars movie, and enjoyed it.  The lack of Rey (outside the movie) bothers me, and bothers my boyfriend even more, because he's an amazing person.

Particularly as I'd like to get a Rey doll for my niece.  Stupid toy makers!  Do you even know what century you're IN?  Appalling tomfoolery, as Nero Wolfe would say.  He might even swear.

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