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Thursday, June 10, 2010

SF tidbits...

Neil talks about A Political Football in A Teacup -- which is what he got used as. :/

Diana Wynne Jones has chosen to discontinue chemo.

Tor has where to write DWJ, via a moving post by Kate Nepveu. Now would be an excellent time to write her and tell her that you love her books. [I do, and I'm about to write next.] I love DWJ's writing, and a great many of her books are my very favorites.

Brit over at Tor has a good post about writing called Taking Advice. Check it out.

Also from Tor: David Bowie as a specfi entertainer. How odd that I never thought of that, despite being a huge Bowie fan... and I've read The Man Who Fell to Earth too. Probably because I was a Bowie fan, although it's possible I picked that up before 1986.

And OSC's Intergalatic Medicine Show is back from hiatus! Apex Magazine (NOT Books) is open to subs again, as is Electric Velocipede.

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