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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Just because.

"He must be very stupid," said Ellery.

"Sure," said his father cheerfully. "They're only smart in the fairy tales you write. Now if this were one of your mystery plots, Ellery, you know who'd be the criminal?"

-- from Four-&-Twenty Bloodhounds, edited by Anthony Boucher (Simon & Schuster, 1950).

I love Ellery Queen. The wealth in that little exchange is priceless. I've just begun chasing down Queen stories, so I have a little time before I mine them out.

I recommend that particular volume, as it's a fun concoction of the Mystery Writers of America, back when they were young -- only six years old! -- with John Dickson Carr, Anthony himself, among others. And of course Ellery Queen. :D

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