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Sunday, April 18, 2010

April links

The great Moonrat is listed in the Top 50 Book People [near the bottom, if you're curious]; NeilHimself is the first one, as this is the Twitter list. And speaking of Twitter, how would you feel about paying every time someone did a search for your Tweet?

I liked how Moonie listed this, so I pinched her tagline: NY Mag article about the publisher who almost got JD Salinger's last novel. Poor guy.

There is a very scary book publishing poster that Moonie found [this month], but I'm not linking to it. That way any trauma you incur is because you ran off hunting it your own self. Also, it requires extreme magnification. Last, the writer who has not finished a book is advised to avoid the trauma.

To make up for poster lack, here's The Song -- no, not John Donne's The Song. That other one. :D

I missed when Scalzi did his play which explains the point of having all those people who don't write the book be involved in publishing.

ETA: The FAQ at Midpoint Trade Books tells you all sorts of neat things about books, their jackets, pub dates, distributors, when to publish... which may be things you need to know now, and may be things you wonder about. All fascinating.

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