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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

More July links

A guest blog hosted by Jim Hines. :>

Phil Athans (formerly of WoTC) creates an exercise: write cover copy. It's hard; I sometimes copy-edit cover copy, for one publisher. He has some other writing exercises too.

John Ottinger is hosting a contest, Calling All Alternauts! Note that winners are notified through Facebook. Perhaps you can ask about using email or Tweets.

It occurs to me that the Interweb is getting more graphical all the time. As in GUI. :> I mentioned the Rialto last week, and realized that I was talking to someone who'd probably never been on usenet. I wonder what we'll use to communicate in 2020?

While researching for work, I found a bookbinding dictionary of terms. How's that for awesome? Imagine having to find that in a library!

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