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Monday, April 25, 2011

Help from Inkpunks.

I check into Inkpunks every so often. Here's some gems from Christie Yant, which Erika Holt brought to my notice through her own Standing Out in the Slushpile: Some Basic Tips:

Lessons From the Slushpile: Good vs. Great, and What editors owe us and also Your Cover Letters.

I highly recommend these. Of course I'm biased. :D We're all Tribe, sure, but I know [read "work with"] an Inkpunk friend.

But I'm biased because hey, people who write clearly and are extremely helpful are my kind of people. Even when we aren't one degree apart.

One screen that I've had my browser load automatically is "Learning to say no" and there's reason for this. We all run out of spoons -- we have limits. Know your own.

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