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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Snippets, end of August.

Interesting things learned while doing research lately:

Shazam is a word from the 1960s.

A fascinating journalism article: Handling race/ethnicity in descriptions.

Studebaker made buses... and a car called the Dictator. Which last didn't sell too well in Europe!
A really cool site about how blimps work. :D

I'm really thankful Hurricane Irene was not as bad as people feared -- I'm grateful that the folks I know are alive. No one has mentioned injuries yet, so I hope (and pray) for the best.

From the Midwest, Irene sounded horrific. I still have friends suffering the aftereffects on the East Coast. May rebuilding and fixing things move quickly and well!

Hope you are well, wherever you are, and that you stay safe. Mother Nature really IS batting 1000.

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