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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Not changing rates yet.

I may update them to match EFA for Christmas. Right now I've got work in my queue, and various technology issues to overcome.

My old desktop died. I am not a fan of laptops. (Not a fan is that handy euphemism since cussing is no help.) The solution to whether I end up having to get one or replacing my desktop will come presently. Still, having my desktop die at last did answer my question of what it was doing [dying the true death].

This month is my fourth anniversary as a freelancer.

It's not what I expected. My job still suits me down to the ground.

Thank you to all the fine folks -- editors, authors, copy editors, librarians, family and friends -- who are there for me all the time. Without you, I wouldn't be here.

I'm so glad that I am. This really is the best job in the world for me. The world is good.

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