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Thursday, October 6, 2011

2011: Snippets for Oct.

Absence of 9-11 from SF.

Interesting. I hadn't researched it as Andrew Fox does, but I certainly had wondered last month why it was that I didn't see hardly any SF based on 9/11.

I read a lot of dark fiction, since I like gritty urban fantasy, so it made me wonder if perhaps non-Americans might be more prone to writing about the Towers. Perhaps.

Bookmonkey interviews Jo Fletcher on her new imprint.

If you haven't seen BoingBoing's farewell to Steve Jobs -- you should really go look. Perfect.

Last but never least, the artists for Angry Robot create awesome covers! Introducing Chris F. Holm's Collector series -

I also love the covers for Giant Thief and Debris and Empire State and Edge and...

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