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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Links: December 2011

This is a grab bag about contracts and publishing and divers other things. If you do nothing else, read about the contracts and pricing. But you should keep yourself updated on Amazon's Lending Library too -- and how that will affect how ebook authors get paid -- along with other publishing issues.

Not to mention how readers will buy ebooks.

Interviewing Marc Gascoigne: Angry Robot and Marco.

Absolutely awesome. I want to frame this... and also paste it up on the foreheads of various people: Reasons Not to Self-Publish in 2011-2012: A List.

Thanks to the great terribleminds, who also brings unto us this gem of wisdom about self-publishing's perils.

Agency pricing & law breaking: or is it?

Bill Shunn explains why you won't go to hell for using two spaces. Really.

Passive Guy goes into great detail -- which, trust me, you should do yourself the favor of reading -- about how to read a book contract. Give yourself plenty of time. Take notes.

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