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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

More on 2012 cons, etc.

I met a lot of folks over the weekend, some I knew, some I didn't. I also passed out my card a lot.

Many thanks to Saladin Ahmed, Scalzi, Jim Hines, Daniel Hogan, Daniel Pipe II, Dave Klecha, and everyone else who I met over the weekend for bending my ear (and letting me bend yours as well).

To everyone at BOF: Brainstorming: I hope I was helpful. The room was divided into four tables; later on, it stopped being a whole-room roundtable and broke up into smaller discussions.

Thanks to the kind gentleman who said I labelled Neil Gaiman correctly as a gardener/discoverer type of writer, versus the architect/outline-writer type. (I was just grabbing Neil as a handy example.) Thanks to Brandon Sanderson et al for their Detroit panel where they explained these two types to everyone.

I got questioned a lot about publishing and editing. And writing. I'd honestly forgotten, what with not doing writing workshops of late, how much there was -- and is -- to share.

If you still have questions, please sing out. I'll do my best to answer them -- but it's likely that I'll offer other websites and resources, up to and including authors and publishers.

I promised to run a Grammar Police panel for 2013. I expect to be held to that.

FYI: Epic ConFusion 2012 did one without me, so a copy editor is not essential. :]

See everyone next at Chicon 7 (Worldcon 2012) and/or World Fantasy Con 2012.

If you're coming to Chicon, the hotel room block is 91% full as of 21-April-12. So hustle!

Also, the Hugo final ballot closes 31-July. Check the website and make sure you vote in time, whether online or via snail. Worlds Without End has links to some nominees, but the electronic voting packet is coming.

So Chicago for Labor Day weekend, and WFC's in Toronto over Halloween -- you want to come. They'll be lovely cons. :D

If you're attending WFC, the Sheraton still has rooms with double beds available, but may now be out of kings.

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