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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

You came here...

"I demand an explanation.  I intend to hold you to account for alienating the affection of my wife."

"Affections," Wolfe said.


"Affections.  In that context the plural is used."

"I didn't come here," he said, "to have my grammar corrected."

"Not grammar.  Diction."

That's Nero Wolfe.  Sound familiar?

If that's not where the inspiration came for Mark Gatiss to write the opening scene of The Great Game, I'd be amazed.  (No, actually, I'd be curious to find out what his inspiration was, but I digress.)  But Mark's a fan of the Golden Age of Detection, and Nero Wolfe is one of the more famous detectives to follow Sherlock Holmes...

You can find the above scene, uncut, in Three at Wolfe's Door.  :D

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