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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

2013: Night Shade Books.

What went wrong? at Night Shade Books.

A round-up post by Tobias Buckell with LOTS of fine links, including a few I've got here.  Really well worth it, because Toby is amazing and he always explains things very well.

Such as The Night Shade Writers of America by Joshua Bilmes

Details of the Skyhorse offer from Michael Stackpole.

Looking over at Absolute Write, I found more details there on Skyhorse, which don't sound good -- via the AW user Weirdmage.  Skyhorse is in the Bewares section, which is linked in Weirdmage's post, along with directions as to where the 2013 discussion starts.

I am not one of their authors.

FYI:  NSB's Eclipse Online is now closed.

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