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Monday, August 12, 2013

Doctor Who

Friends, acquaintances, and even chance-met Whovians will ask me why I don't watch New Doctor Who.  It's not my Doctor Who, really.

I would rather read about New DW.

I can name the actors who played the first seven Doctors (even if I sometimes get the incarnation numbers out of order, until I do run through the names).  I loved all the old Doctors... well, except for Colin Baker's Doctor, who I think needed to be in that booth that helps the Doctors adjust to new regenerations.

It's hard to explain how New DW just doesn't appeal to me.

So think of it this way:  Book covers are chosen to appeal to the target audience.  The art may not match what is exactly described inside the book, but that is what they're meant to do.  Attract the right readers.

Today I was reading a bit about New Who.

2013:  I’m Probably Going to Have to Break Up With Doctor Who

2010:  Terry Pratchett vs Who

I find it very reassuring that some other Whovians say these things.  8)  

And if it were a book, then New DW never inspires me to open the book cover... just as other movies and books have not "called" me either.

Relax.  I read science fiction and fantasy voraciously.  I love Firefly.  I'm sure there's other things we have in common.

Pleased that the Telegraph (in 2010) loves some of the same Doctors that I do.

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