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Friday, October 25, 2013

ConFusion 2014 + SH. Because... you know!

Because there's never enough ConFusion:  Mary's ConFusion Roundup.

I am really pleased that I pushed author Wes Chu to attend more cons at his first con, Chicon 7 [he's crazy that way now, bwahahah] and he persuaded Mary G. Thompson to attend Fusion as her second con.

And so the dominoes keep a'moving.  Paying forward.  Getting more fans involved in the fandom community.  Getting more authors -- who are fans too -- to join and share what it's like at cons, being with the Tribe all weekend long.

In case you haven't realized just how awesome it'd be to attend Fusion... it is on Scalzi's attendance list for 2014.  'Nuff said.

Also, I will say it here because it's the week to be saying this:  ohmiGAWD, Fusion 2014 will be happening 
the same weekend 

Breathing now.  

My good golly, that will be a weekend of fandom going wild.  

Oh wait, we're always like that.  But with added SH.  ;D

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