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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Activate London plan: 2014.

I have a goal.  I want to get to the 2014 Worldcon in London.

Dreadfully, desperately... ever since I heard in 2012 at Chicon7 that London was bidding, I was enormously excited about them winning the bid.

And I've been fighting against depression for the last several months.  Lately I've found that a new-old symptom's troubling me:  fear.  It's been sapping my motivation.  Crippling me.

Sounds like such a little thing, doesn't it?

You cannot out-reason fear, because it's fear.

But perhaps I can outrun it or sidestep it.  Trick my way past it.  I'm a problem solver, I'm good at many things.  Let's solve this too.

Let me take steps to achieve this goal, while I'm waiting to see my new psychiatrist.  Maybe he'll give me something to supplement my meds and help me with this depression; I hope that seeing my new therapist will also help.

I am activating my crowdfund, Magic Carpet Ride.

I want to meet Bea and Caro in London -- plus my European SH Tweeps/fans that I fangirl with.  8)

I want to attend Loncon 3, to be at the 2014 Worldcon; I want to stand in Baker Street, and in the Docklands.  (My first Angry Robot book author has the Docklands in his book.)  Loncon is in the ExCeL Campus in the Docklands...  I want to see White Street, and the Thames, and perhaps even New Scotland Yard.

I want to meet authors and editors and publishers who I may not get to meet otherwise.  I want to get more work -- and yes, going to Worldcon is a way to meet future clients.

Some time ago, Diane Duane invited me to meet them at the Sherlock Holmes pub in London.  I'd like that too.  I want to just stand in London Town very much, to walk in the gardens I've been reading about for decades, to see the London Underground (and use it, I imagine) and the Globe...

Would you help me?  This is my crowdfund: please, please spread the word.

Thank you so much.  I appreciate it hugely.

FYI:  PayPal isn't available to me at the crowdfund site without changing my PayPal account.

If YOU want or need to use PayPal, then let me know and I'll give you my email address.  Thanks!!

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