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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Je Suis Charlie.

Charlie Hegbo: Je Suis Charlie.  France Will Shine Again at Technocrunch.

Paris Charlie Hebdo attack: live from the Telegraph.  The twelve victims at the Independent.  A few others express solidarity, from Prince Harry to Jon Stewart, via USA Today; see Bloomberg for the European rallies as well.

The Daily Mail's article on the Charlie Hegbo attack (7-Jan-15) with many more images of people holding up the slogan Je Suis Charlie, along with the vigils.

I know many people have been saying things -- clever things, wise things, stupid things, upset things, etc.  Ever since this began.

I don't want to forget the people who died.  From the offices of Charlie Hegbo to the hostages today.  No one should forget this.

Nor what President Francois Hollande said today: 
"These fanatics have nothing do with the Muslim religion." 
 (Link at Euronews.)

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