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Monday, July 3, 2017

Yes... "You will make it through."

A dear friend just shared this image with a great list about self-care.

It is a portable wisdom, something to help you when your brain and/or body is fighting you. Trust me, I know how that is. It happens to me (bipolar) and it's tiresome at best, horrible to you at worst.

I thought this was a good time to keep a copy of the list handy. Because we'll be off to Convergence, and this is the time many of us get sick. Not just con crud, but meeting family and friends at everything from weddings and open houses to picnics, cookouts, theme parks, you name it.

So... PLEASE take care of yourself. Please.

If you'll be at CVG, awesome; hope I see you there! If not, perhaps I shall see you soon.

Perhaps another time I'll write a general blog post about craziness at cons.

Short version: I avoid being on concom almost ever. I was a temp long before I was a freelancer, and I tend to operate best within a hierarchy that involves other uber-competent people. [Or when I'm in charge, since yeah, I am very like Miles Vorkosigan. Ahem.] Lately I've dealt with some very stressful concoms.

Happy Fourth to my fellow Yanks. Hugs to everyone in range who wants a hug!

In range means within this solar system. :b

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