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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Links, late July into August.

Found at Angry Robot, some Tools for Writing.

Over at Locus, Cory Doctorow details his technical devices, for -- you got it -- writing. And Stuff. I've noticed over the past decade or so that you can tell you're a geek when you drool over cool devices you don't actually need. A sort of reflexive drooling. Like that backup drive he's got? Immediately I found myself leaning forward, wanting it.


Moonie talks about present tense and why it's hard on the reader. I agree with her. Tense is hard to begin with.

Also, Moonrat's Rundown of Publishing Options, aka what's the difference between traditional, small press, and self-publishing?

I just subscribed to Genreville. It's the new sf/f/h blog run by Rose Fox and Josh Jasper. I highly recommend them. :>

Many cool works are forthcoming from the most excellent Peter S. Beagle.

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