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Saturday, August 21, 2010


It's summer, so I thought I'd take a break and mention some fiction I've discovered.

Kelly McCullough's SpellCrash. Series. Really fun. Ever wanted your own webgoblin? No? Whyever not?

Alas, the library has this, which is Book 5, and all the other books except Book 4 (MythOS). Mythology operating system, that's it exactly. I'm seeking the rest. :>

But my eye was caught by the purple cover, let's admit.

And I just began WebMage. Very fun.
I can see/feel the resemblance to Zelazny even more. Yum!

Sharon Shinn's "Fallen Angel" (in To Weave a Web of Magic) and Sarah Monette's "A Gift of Wings" (in The Queen in Winter). Wow! I already knew Sarah, and I've read her work. I'd read Sharon's The Shape-Changer's Wife already -- marvelous book! -- so yes, I knew these were well worth it.

I highly recommend skipping the two non-genre authors in both, after reading them in The Queen; one novella is just awful. Possibly what said author thinks what High Fantasy reads like. T'other was... jarring.

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