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Thursday, March 24, 2011

March: Open call submissions.

Lee over at Angry Robot Books is interviewed about their open call for submissions -- just for March 2011! Hurry if you have a book that fits, but make sure you read the guidelines, eh?

There's a really nice bonus section after the Open Call section about research and the importance of being pitch perfect. Please read it!

Because you know something? Those dozen tips are really there to help you. This is not a competition against The Enemy.

And check and the Black Hole on publishers' wait times. Do your research on any publisher you approach -- just like any agent. That's why Preditors & Editors exists, and Writer Beware, and the Absolute Write water cooler.

All of which are in my sidebar.

Keep in mind that I'm not an author; I work with Angry Robot as a copy editor. I think they're fantastic, I do. My experience is gonna be totally different from yours because it's a different relationship.

Speaking of that, a freelance writer for thirty years describes The Hardest Kind of Job: Candy Moulton on Freelancing. Because it is.

In related news, the Google Book settlement... was rejected. In a post about submitting to publishers, that just seemed like the most apropos way to round off. :D

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