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Friday, February 24, 2012

Anyone out there?

My friend Adam Israel wrote about the importance of keeping records today.

It is important. As a self-employed person, running a small business requires records. Check in with Nolo Books if you don't believe me... or the IRS.

Even in SCA, I kept track of things -- what I bought, what I bartered. I wasn't doing that for anyone but myself. It was fun at Pennsic War to find that I'd bought something, traded it for other things, and still had money [or trade goods] for shopping the next day. I loved seeing what could become something else: "That dagger I had yesterday? It's this pouch!"

I track who I've queried for work. What they reply, if I should try again, and when. I don't have to track stories -- their genres, editorial comments, suggestions for revisions -- but I track where editors are, of course.

This makes me sound tremendously organized. Like Adam, I've had problems sorting my data. I have spreadsheets, along with some other docs. It's something that -- if there's someone out there doing this as an app for writers and editors -- it'd be a great resource to have.

Anyone know of such a thing? Considering all the creative types out there, seems amazing to me if no one HAS created some tracking apps.

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