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Friday, October 26, 2012

Almost to World Fantasy!

I'm anticipating the con.  The schedule's come.

Packing, arranging, and so on will be keeping me busy.  :D

Expect some quiet from me a weekend hence, from 1-Nov. through 4-Nov.  Probably major quiet.  Radio silence sort of quiet.

Unless I use Twitter.  Odds for that are not strong, even though this con is rather different than Chicon 7.  It being in Toronto will give me some challenges that no American con ever has, for one thing!

WFC will be interesting.  Some people who do Michigan cons are part of WFC 2012 staff.  

I'll work at the con, not sure where yet.  Possibly registration, possibly ops.  Don't know.

Cons tend to overset some of your plans... a bit like Pennsic War does.  8)

Anyway, I expect to Do Stuff, visit with friends, meet people, and come back both wired and exhausted.

Whatever happens for you, have a Happy Halloween!  I know I will.

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