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Sunday, October 14, 2012

A favorite anthology: 100 Great Fantasy Short-Short Stories.

Talking to a friend on Twitter... I remembered this book, the anthology 100 Great Fantasy Short-Short Stories.

Edited by Isaac Asimov, Terry Carr, and Martin Greenberg.  I miss you all, guys.  Thanks for collecting so many stories for us all!

I love this antho.  Here's the TOC.

Some of my very favorites:

  • "Angelica" by Jane Yolen
  • "Apocryphal Fragment" by Edward Wellen
  • "But Not the Herald" by Roger Zelazny
  • "Controlled Experiment" by Rick Conley
  • "Deadline" by Mel Gilden
  • "Final Version" by John Morressy
  • "Pharaoh's Revenge" by C. Bruce Hunter
  • "Some Days Are Like That" by Bruce J. Balfour

I'm fond of an awful lot of them -- my copy pops open to certain pages from frequent reading.  But the book's in storage, so I had to recollect titles from memory.  Some are dark, some are funny, some are wicked, some are clever...

I'd recommend any of these to you.  If you can read the rest, do.  :D  They're like potato chips -- can you just have one??

Thanks to Robert Sawyer for kindly having the TOC on hand!

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