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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Workshop moment.

Years ago, I was at a writing workshop as a panelist.  I'd just discovered Slushkiller, and I'd printed out the list itself (not the entire blog post) to show our workshoppers.

-- That list is just past "3.  The context of rejection" inside the post of Slushkiller.

The person next to me, after receiving the list, immediately said, "Which of these describes my writing?" I didn't know said person at all nor had I any idea!

That's why I say that if you are going to take the list itself personally, DON'T read it.

Don't think Slushkiller is about you.  It is a list created by an editor (Teresa Nielsen Hayden) who possesses lots of experience -- and was illustrating the reasons for manuscript rejections.  In her usual inimitable fashion.  :D

And you know what?  Reading the Slushkiller list still makes me giggle.

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