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Monday, March 10, 2014

Freelance tips: many.

I found these via an artist on tumblr.  I'm sharing them here because freelancers need freelance info.

The Other Side of Freelancing -- this is by an artist, so not all of it is applicable to me.  But Parts 2 through 4 do pertain to my work and to any freelancer's work.

Do attend, I pray you!

The previous link led me to Katie Lane, whose posts take up most of this.

If you do nothing else, check out the work blog at Work Made For Hire, do!

Some I'm seeing right now that are important:

Fire Bad Clients

Client Red Flags (And What They Are Trying to Tell You)

These Are Not the Clients You’re Looking For *

Avoid Conflicts Before They Happen *

What This Bulldog Can Teach You About Negotiation

How to Tell A Client How Much Something Costs

What to Do After They Say “No”  -- which led me to another blogger's Why I Need to Know Your Budget and yet another's Accounts Receivable Tip: Diversify to Get Paid.

I knew these were important without even clicking on them.  Then I did click, and they were well worth my time.  8)  I put asterisks by my favorites.

But they're all listed here in case you didn't know these.  Because once I didn't know all this either...

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