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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Other links of interest.

How to watch "Love, Actually" by Madeline Ashby.

In response to John Green on self-publishing by Kim Curran.

Authors and conventions by Emma Newman.  Lots of great ideas and input here.  Con-runners and attendees both.  8)

You may have noticed that these are all Angry Robot authors.  Or perhaps you didn't.  8)

And Amazonia... ah, you.  This is a great piece at the New Yorker all about your favorite [or not favorite] 800-pound gorilla in publishing and everything else.  From Feb. 2014.

BTW, as a consumer, Amazonia is great.  As a publishing professional I find it awful on multiple levels.  Books are not widgets in my universe.  It frightens me that that's what they are touted in Amazonia's.

Vanity Fair on Friends Without Benefits:  a piece about social media and how it affects American teens.

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